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GVCS Development Cost Estimates
  • Hello everyone. We are developing a budget estimate for the GVCS development, and I'd like to invite everyone to have input. If you want to have input, respond with a filled out copy of this template. 

    If you have any credentials that would add validity to the estimate, please add them as well.

    Thank You,

    Machine Name:

    Design cost estimate:


     Prototype materials cost estimate:



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  • Machine Name: OS Car

    Design cost estimate: $3000

    Rationale: Since the GVCS tools necessary to do everything in-house don't exist yet, some outside tooling and services will be required. Since the presumption is that this will be an all-volunteer project, there will be no inside labor costs. Since software and hand tools are unlikely to wear out during the execution of the design, there are no other design costs of significance.

     Prototype materials cost estimate: $12,000

    Rationale: That's what is listed in the specs on, "Low cost (less than $12,000)". Since it's possible to add features to a car, up to any budget, it will all get spent. Since there's no place to list other prototype construction expenses I'm including shop space and lighting for 8 months @ $250 per month, leaving ten grand specific for materials...but I'm also estimating based on if I were doing this project, and since I'm already in the car component biz, I get pretty good breaks on some of the essential components. At the OSE HQ, the shop space would be less expensive but components more expensive so I figure it's a fair guess at either location.

    >If you have any credentials that would add validity to the estimate, please add them as well.

    Oops, I missed this part. I lack academic creds but have developed/produced a car that fits the specs (two seat, inexpensive, high efficiency, low cost, and of course, open source) so I figure I can do it again.

    Go to and click the spot on the left that sends you to my Mother Earth News blog, "MAX Updates"

  • Hey Jack, have you seen the Wikispeed car yet?
  • Yes Matt, it's got one of the thirty or so cars-of-interest links on...
    You'd think MAX would be on the list, wouldn't you?  :-)
  • Hey Jack,

    Thanks for taking the time to fill this out - I appreciate it.

  • Haha, yeah, I added that link :D

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