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  • Hello Matt, I'm new here and posting a comment under your profile, for 2 reasons: I am unable to comment on the FreeCAD topic or in the GVCS Technical Development forum, and what I want to say is mostly directed at the comments you made there about FreeCAD. I'm not a developer, but I've been following FreeCAD's development closely for the past 2 years, and been very active in the project's discussion forums. I feel your comments and assessments of FreeCAD have not been fair to the software, and betray a lack of knowledge about it. Bluntly, most of what you've said about it is just plain wrong. If you had posted about your troubles in the FreeCAD forum, we would have helped you overcome them. In any case, you've painted FreeCAD in a bad light, and I'm disappointed I couldn't bring my arguments into the FreeCAD discussion. BTW the last v0.12 has greatly improved, you're welcome to have a new try at it, and if you do please come talk to us. Thanks.
    March 2012
  • Hello Matt, We have found a fabricator who is willing to order parts very cheaply for us. We are meeting with them next week and I am interested to know how the parts list for the lifetrac III differs from that for the lifetrac II. In other words, if we order the currently available BOM's for the powercube and tractor, will what we build soon be antiquated? Thank you very much, Hayden
    February 2012

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