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Plans to replicate the CEB Press - 2013
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    January 2013
    After watching the development of the CEB press very closely for the past few years, I feel like it's time to start my own cost estimate and then start on replication.

    I'm trying to gather as much info as possible and I have a few questions.  I'm wondering if the plan is to incorporate the new design with the "cut plate" into the rev-V ceb press.  Is it correct that the December production run is just the REV-IV with cut plate parts?  I have access to a few good laser cutters and waterjet cutters and I definitely think this is the way to go. I would guess that the REV-V is just the the REV-IV with the addition of torch cut parts and some changes to legs and supports to make them more modular.  

    I would love to get the latest assembly into Alibre but I was having some trouble with the assembly files.   I started a discussion on the wiki about the step files.  Please let me know if there is anything I might be able to help with, or if there is anyone might have the latest cad assembly.

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  • I have the same plans for 2013! And I'm starting to gather info about it to replicate it on Mexico. I'll follow along this discussion and post whatever I find valuable.
    I wonder how the $5,530.4 estimate for the prototype + labor will stand when converted into MXN and our suppliers.

    For cut plate parts, do you mean it will have the ability to maybe, create holes inside the block or have some kind of interlocking design on the edges? This would be awesome!
    I was also wondering if it would be possible to attach wheels on the structure easily, to make it more portable

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    January 2013
    Great!  When I say "cut plate" parts I'm talking about the method of construction they are using to build the machine.  they are having some of the parts cut out of a flat plate as an alternative to using channel, for example.  From what I have been reading, it appears that OSE has decided not to pursue interlocking bricks at this point because they want to focus on standard flat bricks first.  Apparently they have done a good bit of research that tells them that standard bricks should be more versatile.

    The latest design, from what I can see, has detachable legs.  This should make it very adaptable to mounting the main assembly on a trailer or custom axle.
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    January 2013
    I started a new page on the wiki for the cad files.  I get a little confused with so many different fabrication/drawing files floating around.

    Also I responded to a question on the CEB Press V page.  I don't think it would be that hard to get a sketchup assembly from a 3d cad assembly, I just don't have a good 3d cad assembly (i.e. step file, or solidworks file) to start with.
  • Thanks Rob!

    I have a question: I looked around in the wiki and couldn't find the available sizes for CEB blocks that can be produced with the Liberator IV, do you know what is the standard size it produces and how flexible it is on each dimension?
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    January 2013
    Unless I'm mistaken, the CEB Press produces 6"wide x 12"long bricks that can be made in varying thicknesses.  Thickness can be changed by adjusting the sensors that measure the compression stroke.  I've started a discussion here on the Hab Lab page hopefully to find out a little more about the methods they decided on to construct the Hab Lab.  I think they decided on the 6x12 because that was the standard size that some of the old manual presses made.

    I'm currently working on an Alibre Design model for the latest press.
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    January 2013
    Hi All,

    I have been following progress on CEB press with lot of interest. I must appreciate with the greatest reverence all the efforts made by OSE team and especially their desire to freely spread the technology for betterment of human race.

    I have decided to go ahead and replicate the CEB press. But I am facing the similar issues mentioned in this thread. Basically I am not sure where to start. Do we have the latest up-to-date fabrication drawings, that we can just take and start working without worrying about any missing or incomplete information?

    There is a lot of data available, but for someone like me, who just trusts OSE team for all the design and analysis they have done and doesn't want to fiddle with the files, is there a single final document that is the starting point of the actual implementation for CEB IV?

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    January 2013
    There don't seem to be complete 'deliverables' of the design documents, just ongoing iterations. This is something I really hope they pin down shortly, it's going to be very difficult to encourage replication if there isn't a repository. They need something like git so if you're building a GVCS you can just start with the most recent designs.

    I am very interested in building the CEB controller, having zero metal fab experience. It's changed dramatically since prior buildz, the CEBv4.0 from November's controller looks like this however the current CEB manual links to here, which is obviously not the same design... 
  • I have one the version 3 or so CEB Presses and have also had a hard time with all of the different versions.  I have also been working on the latest controller board.  All of the schematics and boards are on github

    The biggest change I've been making is to add a pressure sensor to augment the magnetic sensors that were originally used.  I am not complete with this yet and probably wont be for a few more weeks

    Let me know if you have any particular questions about it
  • Hey everyone!
    I just posted that we are also planning to replicate the Liberator in Chile .
    We'll be watching this thread too since it looks that we all have doubts.

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