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CEB Press Liberator @Chile
  • Hello Open Source Ecology friends:

    I'm Mónica Zamora, mechanical engineering from Universidad de Chile.
    I am writing on behalf of an emerging group called "Collaborative Evolution Network" (work in progress) that promotes Open Source, collaborative work, and all its cultural implications.

    We intend to replicate the Version 4 of the Ceb-Press aka Liberator. We're already making progress in the structural area following the new blueprints and videos.

    We were wondering what has changed from the current wiki documentation regarding hidraulics and electronics (we noticed the change in the main hydraulic cylinder in the new assembly video)

    waiting for your help and wishing you the best.

    Collaborative Evolution Network

    PS: We saw that there is a similar topic, but we wanted to posted it separately anyway :) We're posting there too!


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