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Andy-D cannot login
  • <Andy-D> mdupont: when I try signing onto the OSE forum using OpenID, the pop-up window that handles it keeps acting like I haven't entered an email after every time I hit 'Connect', it refreshes the window adding "Email is required" in red at the top, and leaving the field empty
    <Andy-D> (that's at the 'Add Info & Create Account' stage)

    please help him!
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  • I guess this could be a bug in MediaWiki that is triggered by login names starting with numbers (number 4 in his case). I'll ask him to create another account starting with a letter.
  • Oops... the problem happens when he's trying to log in on the forum, so please disregard my previous message (in which I refer to MediaWiki).
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    October 2012
    Well, account request worked fine, but I have no idea what's going on with that form and whether that problem was on my end.

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