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48 acre project near Augusta, Georgia
  • Greetings folks, I am leading a open village project on 48 acres near Augusta, Georgia. Would love to connect with anyone in area, thanks.
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  • I don't feel I work well enough with others to participate in these projects, but I am very curious. How much did the land cost, who owns it and/or how was it acquired? In other words, what was the process of acquiring it and setting it up?

    One of the most disheartening and persuasive criticisms I have heard of OSE is that it does not address the unavailability of land for every day people and the hostility of government and business towards attempts to empower the under classes.

    I've also asked about how Factor-e-farm was established, but haven't really gotten an answer so I'd appreciate any insights you might have. Thanks!
  • Marcin bought the land a while back, AFAIK. Was originally just going to farm it, then got sucked up into the whole GVCS project.

    I don't think it's fair to criticize OSE for land distribution issues.... sort of besides the point. How is an open source hardware project going to make land more available? It's subversive, giving people the means of production separate from what governments can or cannot restrict (such as property rights). That being said, intellectual property rights is definitely a major concern...

    Kudos on the open village hijrah, I hope the project goes well!
  • Diogenes, the land is owned by friend who after some time (18 years) never got around to doing anything with it. We are buying the land on very small monthly payments without interest. It would be quite unlikely to find such a deal in the business-as-usual marketplace. Complete transparency is something we are aspiring to but we are not quite there yet (for any unanswered questions).

    eBell, thanks we hope so too.

  • Thanks Hijrah, what a fortunate arrangement!
  • Hello - 3 hackerspaces in Atlanta interested in getting involved.  Interested in collaboration?  We have plenty of shop, not a lot of dirt and land.  
  • @Kaster - I replied to your private message, but the submit button was acting flakey, so I am also letting you know here.  You can contact me direct at the same user name I use here + (at) gmail (dot) com.  I'm in Gadsden, AL and was interested in moving closer to Atlanta in the next year or so, with the intent of getting land.
  • @kaster Thanks for reaching out, I am certainly interested. What do you have in mind?


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