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  • Amaterasu
    Excuse Me, but 1. This is not "pseudoscience" I discuss. I have knowledge of it, and if You see it as "pseudoscience," and are suppressing the information, You are part of the problem. I gave You a link to valuable information, and if You have not read it, You are shorting Yourself of understanding, at best. 2. The "party," as I state, is NOT a political party. It is a seed, a code, put together under the Betterment Ethic, to assist Humanity. There are no leaders. Leaders of the moment, will emerge as problems need solving, through stigmergy (there's a thread here about that). But if You don't want to understand what We CAN do on this planet, and stick to the suppressed science and the oppressed status quo... I guess this isn't the site for Me after all.
    January 2012
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    May 2011

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