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Kontinuum Garden - 3D Printable Hydroponic Garden
  • Hey everybody.

    We are two brother from Denmark who are big fans of Open Source Ecology.

    As far as we can tell the CVCS 50 Kit doesn't have a rotating garden planned, so we figured we would take on that project.

    Imagine having a garden the size of a
    fridge that automatically grows fruits, vegetables and herbs in your
    own home.

    We are designing a 3D printable,
    hydroponic, rotating garden and a large Reprap 3D printer to print

    This is an open source project and you
    can already download parts of the Kontinuum Garden from

    We are nearing the completion of the
    design phase but haven't started growing anything yet, so any input
    you might have would be greatly appreciated.

    To fund the development of the
    prototype, we have started a campaign on

    Please follow the link and check it

    Keep up the good (and very important) work.

    Jeppe & Mads

    Kontinuum Prints

    KontinuumGardenLogo.1000.jpg 154K
    KontinuumGardenLogo.350.jpg 29K
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  • I'm not clear on why you need a 3D printer. Is there some element of the design that's prohibitively hard to make any other way?
  • I have run into high expenses and heacaches with all the plumbing parts putting my system together.  I have abandoned the used plastic soda bottle for the grow bed and am now looking for clay pots.  Plastic brackets would be nice as I am using CNC cut brackets right now

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    October 2012
    Matt Maier: it is possible to make one with a CNC cutting tool, or by hand if you'd really like, I designed one for small flat modular parts last year, but I don't currently have enough resources spare to build one, since I'm focusing on energy first.

    Jeppe & Mads: if you come across any difficulties in your design and want to throw ideas around, or need a hand in any other way, be sure to post in here or drop me a line elsewhere, I would love to help you guys out.

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