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Photographs in printable documentation
  • Photographs look great on the internet, so will work great for the wiki, but I have a mild concern about including them with the to-print documentation for a couple reasons:
    • Not everyone has a color printer; I only have a black and white for instance, and while printing programs generally do well at greyscaling photographs for printing, they may not be particularly clear.  The CEB Press, for instance, all nice and painted in black, I would be concerned would just be a blurry silhouette printed out on a typical black and white printer.
    • It would consume a lot of ink or toner for people printing them out, especially when a machine like the CEB Press is painted in black.
    For now, I've decided to stick with line drawings from Google Sketchup.  I'm not sure, though ... this is not something I dealt with much when I wrote technical documentation for the aerospace factory; that was all simple flowcharts and text with no real graphics.

    Thoughts and advice on this would be appreciated.
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    September 2011
    Why not uses diagrams and drawings in the printed form and refer people to more detailed photographs on the wiki?

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    February 2012
    I am trying to find a central repository for all images related to the entire OSE project.  I would assume there is one, but I cannot seem to locate it.  Is it something that is publicly available?  If so, can you please point me to the link?  Wading through the site looking for specific images is clunky at best.

    My interest in gathering some photographs is to support a presentation I am authoring and will be delivering about the efforts of the OSE in support of some community support for similar projects here in Central America.

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
  • far as I know there isn't one.
  • @WorldMD - go to this page, and you can search by mime type:

  • @WorldMD and @danielravennest:

    See this forum discussion about image search for OSE:

    Please let me know if the custom search works for you or if you have any ideas on how to improve it.


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