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CEB Press Questions, Modifications, and FEM analysis
  • Hello, I am doing my school project on the CEB press. We are doing FEM analysis on the Main Hydraulic Press Foot.

    1. Why are there threaded holes on the pressfoot plate?
    2. where can i see an image of the sensor for the pressfoot?
    3. have there been any modifications to the attached 2d fabrication drawing?

    Thanks in advance!
    cebPressFoot.PNG 87K
    cleaned up model a lot.PNG 162K
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    December 2013
    Hey, welcome, I'm working on some updated drawings because I would like to build one soon.  OSE is planning on building one based on most recent designs in January, from what I understand.  Please see my log for some notes on recent work.  In my log I've also posted some updated 2d drawings pdf files etc.  The drawings I've attached should answer a few questions.  My understanding is that they've moved away from mounted sensors and replaced them with a hydraulic pressure switch.  Also this is a page for some of the up to date work where you might be able to find out more even though I haven't updated this page with the most recent drawings from my log. 

    01-019-00-0 MAIN FRAME ASSEMBLY.pdf 417K
    01-159-00-0 CYLINDER FOOT.pdf 211K
    01-169-00-0 PRESS FOOT ASSEMBLY.pdf 193K
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    December 2013
    Hey Chris!
    we also were doing some FEM simulations since we had to change the profile to the metric system here in Chile.
    by the way why are your stresses so low? are they in Pa or MPa? or ksi? xD
    we are working on the CEB press 4 model, but there were also many weird things, some things in the CAD weren't built the same way... etc
    for the sensor, there is a video of the assembly where you see the specific place... this is the one:

    keep up the good work! ^^

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