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  • Hi Jerry, there are a few points I would like to tell You outside the forum. No, You are absolutely not "not welcome" by me. You bring new ideas in Your post, thats very positive, though I often have doubts about the possibility to realize them. Example: Replacing the power cube engine with a used car/truck engine. I don't mind if you do it. I have some reservations about making it an official OSE policy though. #1 The availability of used engines changes soon and it is very different from country to country. OSE projects use currently many parts from surplus and the consequences are that yet already they keep changing designs because the part they have used for the first built isn't any longer available. #2 The idea behind the power cube is to use it to power several different machines because it is easily attached to another piece of equipment. Using an old truck engine will increase size and weight of the power cube. And it's no longer a "quick-attach" power cube if it weighs 400lbs
    November 2011

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