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OSE BitCoin Donations
  • This the summary of an email exchange I had with Elifarley about getting OSE setup to accept donations in Bitcoins. Hopefully this will be useful in helping to get people setup to give and receive Bitcoins as well. If anyone has any questions I will try to answer them to the best of my ability or try to point you in the right direction. If anyone needs help I will also try to do my best in helping you get setup.......


    The easiest way to get started accepting bitcoins would be to open an account on This would be a good public collection point for your bitcoins. They have a  Shopping Cart Interface (SCI) and HTML button code generator. The SCI will convert the prices into Bitcoins as each purchase is made. The button generator can be used to generate the donation button.

    when you get your mybitcoin account, in addition to creating a button you can post the bitcoin payment address in forum signatures and give directly to people to send bitcoins too.

    You can have an unlimited number of these accounts.

    Now since there is no court to back up transactions and theft I would not keep your bitcoin savings on that website. I would download the bitcoin software and transfer the coins from the site to your account on your computer.

    The bitcoin wiki seems to be down at the moment but there is a whole list of vendors that accept bitcoin. You can buy clothes, computers, there is someone who will order anything off amazon for you. He gets paid through the amazon affiliate program and collects the bitcoins so nothing is added to the cost.

    here is the bitcoin wiki trade page.

    The forum trade section is also a good place to find things and offer services. Its extremely active and a great place to get donations too. is the bitcoin exchange where you can trade bitcoins for dollars. Currently 1btc is worth $9.30. 34000 coins were traded today alone so selling a volume of them can be done.

    With this service you can quickly and easily convert your Bitcoins into a virtual VISA® card that can be used to make purchases online wherever VISA® is accepted.

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  • I have updated our donations page to include BitCoin donations:

    Alternatively, you can use Open Source Ecology's Bitcoin Payment Address:

    1qzDC2sybaBqPF1Myah5caP89eRyatNtN (this address no longer works, please use the new one below)

    New BitCoin address:


  • Awesome!
  • Email from @Anderxander:

    I have a post on the forum about you guys. Two people already have marcin's ted talk in their signature.

    I think if OSE can get bitcoin off the grid, both could potentially explode. Money is the limiting factor in both places.

    With 6.5 million coins in circulation valued at $8 each, is $52 million dollars worth. The problem is converting the back into USD to pay for electric to run the network and to be used to pay for anything. But if you can separate them, the bitcoins could just represent dollars in transactions. Their actual conversion through dollars would no longer be necessary. There will be a total of 21 million bitcoins released. They are also divisible up to 8 decimal places. This would create all the money necessary to fulfill all of the money demand for those in need of it to purchase the GVCS.

    Because if someone purchases the tools of production from you in btc, they are going to make good s with those tools. Now you have btc to spend. What good is it sitting idle other than for savings/emergency? You will go spend it on the products from the producers which increases savings and investment, which means the money comes back to you to develop more. This type of money has existed in this country. It has been the great debate over whether or not to have a central bank.

    Now there is a solution.

    The difference between bitcoins and dollars will be you know bitcoins will come back around. We don't always know when dollars will be around. We know how many bitcoins their are and no one can change that. We don't know how many dollars there are and it changes all the time depending on when money is being lent and it is not. All money is currently created through loans making money debt or an obligation. Your obligation is to your creditors. The banks and the governments that back. While this makes the money good it also ties you to whatever obligations and strings that are attached. The separating of the bitcoins and dollars must happen and that will occur through the overlap between the two projects.

    An off the grid data center.
  • @elifarley

    the bitcoin donation link doesn't work anymore

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    November 2012
    I would also like to donate in Bitcoins.  Please increase the visibility of how to do this on the main donation page:

    Thank you.

  • I've been following OSE for a while and I'm a big fan but this is my first post here. 
    I also ran the second largest Bitcoin exchange in the world for a while.
    My advice would be to set up and account with 
    You can create and address on your site and any  BTC sent to that address will automatically convert to USD and ACH to your bank.
    Of course if you're looking to hold the BTC instead of sell it you could simply download the client and put an address on the site. 

    I'm not affiliated with Bitpay other than being a customer myself and as a friend. 

    I'm available for any Bitcoin related discussion as well.

  • @capiscuas , @Builder , @jeredkenna, @Anderxander:

     I've updated the BitCoin address (166yC48RakrZdtsBj36vY9q29CpzknHbxY) on the wiki donation page and the main site donation page.

    This address is on my wallet, to avoid losing an address that belongs to a site (like the previous one which belonged to, which no longer exists - see, where did it go?)

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