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Wondering how to find plans for construction
  • Hi everyone! Thanks for welcoming me into this exciting collaboration. I was wondering if there are ways to view plans/blueprints, as I would like to determine if I have the capital and expertise to build a CEB press for starters. I have a friend who is a machinist and we are very excited about the possibilities of creating our own low-cost, sustainable infrastructure for a community/farm in upstate NY. I'd be happy to provide more details if that is necessary or if anyone is interested. We also have room/land available if anyone is interested. We have a background in survival/tracking/primitive skills from the Tracker School, and we would like to incorporate these teachings into our farm/school.

    Warm wishes,

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    December 2012
    Hi Joe,

    Spotted your post today and was wondering if you are in the Ithaca area?  I think we may have even met - perhaps at the recent skills workshop at White Hawk Ecovillage.  I'd love to get in touch with you if you are local.  See my contact info at  Send me an email.

    - Mark


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