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Another need
  • This is my fourth post today, hopefully they have all been useful.

    Does anyone know experienced periodical writers or journalism majors interested in this project? If so, I would like to collaborate with them.
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  • I used to do a bunch of writing for my University's paper, and still know a lot of people involved in journalism. Whatchuu working on?
  • I think it might be useful to target some magazines by writing articles for them, geared towards their audience. Or at least some Letters to the Editor. It might allow us to be strategic in our advertising in terms of going beyond simply targeting people that hang out on video sites or survival sites.
  • Definitely. I see a deficiency in the academic exploration of the economic scope of OSE technologies. IE, post-scarcity economics and distributed economics are relatively unexplored concepts. When I try to explain the possibilities of OSE to my peers, they resist the separation from the present capital and wage-labour ecology. Well thought out analyses of these impacts in reputable sources would do much for OSE's credibility.

    Any specific ideas for magazines? MAKE might be a good start...
  • @eBell, I know I've mentioned it once or twice casually, but Yochai Benkler's book is a great read,

    Especially the first several chapters. I have to go be a witness for my brother's marriage license, but upon my return, I'll post quotes. I'm teaching myself how to wiki presently. As I start to get some more freetime, I plan on doing some posting on all of this

    I wonder if it might make sense to start with groups that will be interested, I don't know if there are philanthropic engineering or economics magazines, but I think any magazine aimed at homesteaders or DIYers, like Handyman or Country Journal might work. Also, I wonder about writing to popular mechanics even. I figure if we get a large group of us sending letters around, we should be able to get people involved.

    In my opinion, the hard part is getting the letters written. But once we have the product (the letter), we can opensource it for people to use.

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