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Social Media and Action
  • In my opinion, forums provide a platform for discussion, but because of their informal nature, they do not always encourage people to research before responding. Moreover, it seems that forums create an environment in which it is easy to talk, but there is little impetus for action.

    How do we develop forums that encourage professional contributions?
    How do we structure our forum posts such that they encourage action?
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  • Validation, curation, leadership, etc etc. Complicated issues, especially for crowd-sourced projects.
  • My view is that ideally there should be a persons of proven experience in the field and understanding of the goals to work as hubs for each of but not limited to the scopes in the crash course outliner.

  • 's source code is open source - I think it would work well for what you're after. 

    Reddit has a link submission feature, and each submission can be voted and commented on. Submissions can be sorted by number of upvotes, so that the best content often rises to the top of the list, which is also sort-able by day, week, month, etc.

    Reddit source code is available here:

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