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Travel Vehical
  • I purpose a Hovercraft as the vehicle for travel.

    I have been thinking of building one and have a basic plan, not tested or even prototyped.

    Motor speculation...
    To keep with the module them of OSE i think the powerhouse for the hovercraft could be replaced with the "power cube" so the fans would be powered by flowing hydraulic fluid. So basically a water-pump that has fan blades attached where the electric motor would have been. Fan operates at high speed low torque, I believe.

    Any and all suggestions would be appreciated even of OCE does not want to use it. It will need to be able to float so you can drive out on the lake for a swim.

    I was considering using a heavy duty inner-tube. The kind for snow or water sports.

    The image was quickly made on paint... (i hand draw my ideas... and it was designed around an 18 hp engine, a hydraulic system saves space!)


    Just found the transport discussion... can i get this moved?
    Hovercraft basic n quick.png 36K
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  • There are plenty of proven hovercraft plans out there; no need to reinvent the wheel.... or rather, the skirt.
  • the only skirt designs i seem to find are made with garbage bags or heavy duty plastic (homemade versions)

    i wanted something that would hold up better and has a shape that would optimize the lift

    it is something that can be replaced or improved upon with better information or trials

    my concern was using hydraulic power to operate the fans, just to use a tool from the kit.
  • One of the necessary elements of projects in the GVCS is a global practicality, an element of that is the readiness of their adoption and their ability to offset a centralized organization with proprietary rights to information, to that effect, I would put the hovercraft as a tier three project. Meaning after the GVCS and after the mods party.
  • I personally would say that hydraulics would be a bad idea for driving a high rpm application.  High RPM from a hydraulic motor requires VERY large volumes of oil, moving at high velocity.  This is very similar to high amperage electrical situations.  It equals lots of lost heat.  I think the ideal way to do hydraulics would be to have a very high torque output, then have that geared up throug several stages and let the gearing take care of the stepping up.  This would lower the velocity (and flow). Again very similar to AC voltage systems when they use high voltage and step it down to a higher current.  

    All of that can be done, but hi-torq hydraulic motors are expensive, and so are gear boxes that can take large amounts of torque.  The less gearing, steping up and down, the less complex and easier things will be... 

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