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how to build on-demand water heater
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    January 2012
    OSE posted a youtube video for an open source on-demand water heater. I want to build one, but I'm just a newb. Will some please explain how?

    Thanks in advance!
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    January 2012
    I looked at the video and while I'm by no means an expert in this kind of thing, my first reaction was to ask "could it short out?". If it did than the person in the shower would be the path the electricity would take, right down the shower drain. I would feel substantially more comfortable if there was an electrical insulator between the water and the element. Anyone more knowledgeable than me have any thoughts?
  • Look at the date of that video - I've been to FeF just last October, and they definitely didn't use this there (then).

    BTW, product safety hasn't ever been too high on the priority list with OSE, so use caution and common sense, or seek expert help before trying to do anything like this yourself.

    I think you'd find that a flash heater design will end up being much more energy-efficient, too, perhaps even with a small bit of storage too.

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