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Archives re Open Source Car?
  • I had discussions with Marcin about the Open Source Car in late '10, we had some conflicting ideas about how to meet his goals and I stepped back from the project for a year so's Marcin & Co could demonstrate his approach, and now I'm back in the fray to help out with the details and fine tuning. But I'm having trouble getting caught up.

    On another thread, Allan15 mentioned "Most of the original discussions about many of the GVCS has been lost
    because of the old forums being discarded...There was some lively discussion on there that might prove useful if it could be dug up" Is any of that available re the Open Source car? I know I'm rather a one-trick pony but the car is the only component of the GVCS where my skills/experience fit, and said skills/experience are not particularly useful if I can't find out What Has Gone Before and how well the car project is going with the existing OSE platform.
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    December 2011
    I don't believe that the old forums are available any longer.

    - Mark
  • Okay, such is life. I'll accept the conclusions arrived at, and pry no more into how the specifications came about.

    How I can help advance the Open Source Car project? The only path I've found is True Fan thing, which is apparently a euphemism for Mail Us Money Every Month. I'm hitting dead ends everywhere else.

    It sounds like it would be easy--to quote Marcin (April 25 2011 blog entry) "By now, our paper trail is so extensive, that anyone coming in should be able to understand what we’re doing, how we’re doing, and how they should fit." I've followed all the instructions re what I'm to read and who I'm to contact, but don't seem to be getting any closer. I haven't been able to find much information about the state of the project (okay, it's at Level 2 of the Concept stage, but gosh, this is supposed to be ready in a year and two days--along with 49 other GVCS tools--and I can't find anything tangible about how y'all are going to do it), all I know about contribution my skills, efforts or knowledge (e.g. as a subject matter expert) is I'm not qualified. Maybe the Project Manager can give me a qualifications waiver based on my success in the field, but I'm getting no response from him, and no response from the forum moderator.

    So if anybody knows how to get in touch with Mark Rudnicki (the Project Manager of record) or "crank" (real name n/k but he/she is the Open Source Car tech forum moderator of record) would you ask them to get in touch with me? I may not have an automotive engineering degree (much less a doctorate in fusion energy) but I have a great deal of experience in small scale manufacturing and in open source car development.
  • Wayback does bring back some memories, but doesn't appear to have captured much, if any of the actual discussion that took place, only the wiki pages, which were mostly static snapshots of the results of same discussions...  It is a nice try, though.

    I also think that what archives were showing were from the website version just after the one we're really looking for discussion in, circa-pre-mid 2007, because those archives didn't look like the forum I am remembering, but I could be getting foggy too.

    Happy New Year!
  • The old forum  URL was

    But it looks like it wasn't captured.

  • This was all I could find there, & I don't know how that differs from what is currently showing:

    Open Source Car

    Project Data
    Flexible Industry Package

    OSCar - biofuels would fuel the OSCar. There exist several attempts
    at an open source car worldwide, all of which remain without product to
    date. We propose a pusher trailer - where a hybrid trailer pushes any
    lightweight, gutted chassis from behind - as Phase 1. This would prove
    the integration of an engine power source (initially preferred to be
    fueled by free waste vegetable oil) with electrical generation, wheel
    electric motors in the trailer, motor controls, and electric braking.
    Once this is proven, then an open source platform for designing cars
    from the ground up will exist. The key is cost control, initially by
    adopting surplus components, and eventually, by producing open source
    components and materials. Evolved phases involve aluminum structure,
    scaleable wheel motors, regenerative breaking, and motor controls - all
    open source. Distributed production is an automatic possibility.


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