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Hab lab design review and discussion
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  • We have two comments from Marcin regarding the Wall Safety:

    Comment #1:
    house walls are approximately 8x overbuilt. We are not only stacking
    our bricks the wide way, but we are also doing double wall construction
    for all exterior walls, as promised. Our walls are all together 3 feet
    thick for the exterior walls, and are typically 700+ PSI, or over 2x the
    value for adobe. Further - for those concerned about the quality of our
    construction - a distinction should be made between fired brick masonry
    and earth construction techniques, which include adobe, cob, and CEB.”

    Comment #2:
    Dear Nikolay and rest of OSE Community,

    I have published a technical review of the HabLab construction,
    focusing on the first CEB wall that raised questions about the soundness
    of our construction. We interviewed Floyd Hagerman to address the
    technical issues raised. Floyd is a professional builder of 20 years
    experience in residential and light commercial construction, with CEB
    construction as part of his services. 

    Becuase of his experience with CEB  construction (Floyd owns a
    Powell and Sons CEB machine), we have recruited Floyd as our new
    construction manager, to lead the building project to completion.

    I am hoping that this addresses any technical issues raised, and
    that it brings confidence back to the community regarding the successful
    completion of construction. If you have any outstanding questions,
    please contact me. I must say that my time on the internet is quite
    limited, as we are doing full days of brick pressing for at least the
    next 10 days, or until the ground becomes unworkable.

    We are taking the power cube, CEB press, and Pulverizer through
    rigorous field testing, with hudreds of hours of use at this point. The
    tractor is not currently being used because of the issue with motor
    couplers, which we will work on after our brick pressing period. I am
    also glad to report that James Slade is making progress on resolving the motor coupler issue independently in parallel, and Tom Griffing
    is already making improvements to the Power Cube. This is the true
    spirit of 24/7 open source development around the globe. The Soil
    Pulverizer has been robust to date - and it is able to feed 2 CEB
    presses at one time. We have about 20,000 bricks to go.

    Thanks for your support as always,


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    November 2011
    I would delete my post if I could.. nevermind


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