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Open Source Ecology
  • I am creating a Manufacturing Instructions document (yay!) and have decided to include a blurb describing OSE, the GVCS as a whole and the specific machine's role in the GVCS.  However, I am somewhat uncertain (and clarity would improve my description in the blurb) as to the specific nature and definition of Open Source Ecology, beyond the website URL.

    I get that the Factor e Farm is Marcin's plot in Missouri where the GVCS tools are being developed.  Is Open Source Ecology, by comparison, the greater world group (beyond just the physical Missouri group) for collaboration?  Is it an official, registered nonprofit group?

    Thank you in advance for reading my question and forming accurate answers.
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    September 2011
    OSE is not registered as a non-profit corporation.  It is part of an umbrella organization that shelters it from taxes and enables tax-deductable contributions.

    You could describe OSE as a world-spanning organization dedicated to the widespread development of open source tools needed to ... blah, blah, blah.  Anything you wrote that sounded good would likely be pretty far from the truth.  Give it a try anyways.

    - Mark

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    September 2011
    Hmm...  I thought that they had registered as a non-profit, but I could be wrong...  I know that way back, it was discussed, but I didn't participate in the discussion, so ???

  • The blurb I presently have in the in-progress document is largely taken (with some slight rewording) from the OSE wiki article on OSE:

    The Open Source Ecology (OSE) group is a collaborative association
    of a growing number of people with a variety of experience, expertise
    and talent for the skills necessary to develop and publish, under an
    open source license, an interoperable group of machines called the
    Global Village Construction Set (GVCS). The goal of OSE in
    developing the GVCS is to create a complete set tools to enable
    anyone to build replicable, open source, modern, off-grid resilient

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    September 2011
    To my knowledge, OSE is not really about resilience, but rather about moving towards an economy of abundance (rather than scarcity).  That's not the same as resilience at all.

    - Mark

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