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  • I'm trying to go through and do what I can by cleaning up some articles on the wiki.  I've gotten myself a bit confused on an article with the LifeTrac ( ) that links to the OSTrac ( ).

    Are LifeTrac and OSTrac the same machine?

    Thank you in advance for addressing my question!
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    September 2011
    The OSTrac is an early design sketch of what turned out to be the LifeTrac.  The link was to show historical efforts.

    - Mark
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    September 2011
    Unfortunately, you don't have access to the old archives of the old forum, where most of the early discussions took place, and it may have been lost forever.  (

    OSTrac was the early rendition that evolved into what is now LifeTrac, and for what is supposed to be an "Open Source" project, the current existing documentation is sorely lacking.  If one doesn't have the rather expensive SolidWorks CAD software, there really isn't much available to use to recreate a working LifeTrac if they wanted to make one of their own.

    In that regard, as an open source project, this one is probably a near-complete failure, because even through they may have working machines at Factor-E Farm, the main deliverable should have been the documentation for others to duplicate it...

  • If I get a chance to go, I would love a go at trying to help get such documentation together.  It would help to find open source, or at least CAD software up to the task, but my only experience was as a student back in junior high with AutoCAD (which is also pretty expensive).
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    wasn't the wiki on back then?, should be able to cull some of the information, from 
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    September 2011
    It may have been, as there was a parallel site thing going on at the time, although I note that neither is available through or live anymore.

    Hopefully someone has a backup of this somewhere that they can revive someday.

    I had volunteered to go through the old forum and weed out the obvious garbage, but that offer was declined on the premise that this new forum was in the works, and would be a major improvement.  While that may be true, there were many discussions in the past that could have been useful for reference, if nothing else. :(

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