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Karl from UK
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    Hi All,

    just joined recently and am interested in the whole concept of open source technology. I'm a user experience designer by trade currently, which although I don't have any industrial design skills I do understand the process of the creative process and innovation funnel that is used to help think through and organize design projects which I hope I can help apply here. I have also been working on community driven tools on web and mobile for about 15 years. 

    I am keen on the concept of self sufficiency and have some experience growing up in the 70's with a couple of parents who wanted to live the "good life" (good neighbors in the states i think). Anyway, it involved a lot of education about growing and making your own food, clothing and tools and although I have not continued that as an adult I find myself drawn back to that way of living and that philosophy.

    I worked as a tree surgeon for several years when I was younger and did a course on agriculture and commercial forestry so I know how to operate various bit of outdoor equipment like tractors and chain saws and was in the army for a few years so I know how to live "in the field" so to speak. 

    I'm excited about the concept that is being developed here and am keen to see how I can help. 

    All the best,


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  • Greetings and well met!  Part of me wants to see the end project, the full 50 tools fully blueprinted and being readily made by people all over the world to build self-sufficient communities ... but another part of me is excited to have found the project and website as it is just getting going and things are starting to happen.

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