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Gaelan Brown: offering my open-source findings about Compost-based energy systems
  • Gaelan Brown wrote:

    Hello Marcin and team, I've been following your work for some time and would like to share the findings of an open-source R&D project I've been leading for the past few years. is an open source non profit research network of people experimenting with compost-based energy systems. I've been teaching classes on this at for a few years and we have a 3 year demonstration project underway at the University of Vermont in which the hot water extracted from the compost power system is heating radiant floor loops in a winterized greenhouse on campus. 

    I would love to help you get this info out to your network. We've shown this to be economically viable. The value of the compost after the 8-12 month heating cycle ends is almost always higher than the cost of building the system in the first place. We're getting 10,000+ btu/hr and 120-140 degree water 24/7 from these systems, even in the dead of winter in the northeast US. We've helped with successful projects in VT/NH/MA/NY. 

    Check out these two videos that show the construction process and the performance of a system in Vermont at a perma-culture research farm. 

    Time-lapse of construction of a system that is heating radiant floor loops in a winterized greenhouse in Vermont. This project is the same approach we're taking at a 3 year demonstration project at the University of Vermont.

    Video of 140 degree water heating an outdoor hot tub this winter in Vermont:

    The Design Guide on our website walks through the basic approach to guide DIY. 

    Let me know if you'd like to discuss. 

    GB, co-founder
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  • Open Source DIY enthusiasts: exists to encourage and facilitate open source research. Email me at with any questions after you review our Design Guide and the videos above. It works! Cheers

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