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André from Denmark - thesis on Open Source Hardware development platform
  • André Hansen wrote:


    First off all. Great works you guys have been doing on the GVCS. One
    of most ambitious open design project I have seen so far.
    I see that you are part of the collab dev platform team. However, it
    seems as if the discussions on the forum stopped in june 2011. Are you
    still working on it?

    I am a engineering student from Denmark working on my thesis on Open
    Source Hardware development. I am trying to conceptualise a
    development platform for the need of open source hardware projects. To
    really simplify it - for open soure hardware. ( I have
    attached the introduction for my project description at the bottom of
    this mail )

    I would really appreciate if you took some time to answer some quick questions.
    Maybe do a quick skype chat? Or would you prefer mail?

    Some opening questions to let you now what I am after:
    At first sight it looks as if most of the actual product development
    takes place at the farm. It looks as if there are more than 100 active
    members but how many of these are actually taking part in the product
    development? I haven't been able to get my head around how you guys
    handle your design files. I read something about open pario but not
    much activities there. The only CAD files i have been able to find is
    sketchup. Are you really only using this?

    Hope to hear from you. It would mean a lot. If you don't have time
    could you then please put me in contact with someone ells?
    Thank you

    Venlig Hilsen / Regards

    André Hansen
    København Ø

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  • Introduction

    Few open source hardware (OSHW) projects today have succeeded in reaching the impact of OSS projects. One might say that none have. One reason is the apparent challenges that come from developing physical products. Challenges in regard to manufacturing and validation makes especially complex product development difficult, and more so when the development tools and set-up used by many OSHW projects are designed for software development leaving a insufficient data management structure and a high entry barrier for new developers. Allowing OSHW projects to easier implement partial design development might be a way to overcome these challenges and permit the OSHW communities to heighten the efficiency of OSHW development in general. This project will contribute to the field of OSHW by conceptualizing a development platform/system, focusing on allowing OSHW communities to undertake partial design development via modularization and PDM systems suitable for distributed physical product development, while lowering the entry barrier for new developers by looking at ideas from crowdsourcing. Modularization will lower the cost of integration alongside making it easier and cheaper to perform test and validation of designs. A multi layered cloud PDM system will make partial design development easier to control alongside making it unnecessary for the often small OSHW projects to invest in a complex IT infrastructure.  Lowering the entry barrier for new developers will allow a better utilization of the crowd letting OSHW projects harvest the benefits of actually being Open Source.
  • This thread would be a good place to discuss this with other interested OSHW devs.

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