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Microfunding proposal update
  • Brad wrote:

    Hey Aaron,
    We're off to a slow start as we hit some technical issues right off the bat due to me being on a windows machine & OSE's server being in the appropriate Linux based realm.  In computer-babble this meant the public key I generated to access the test environment were in a different format than the OSE server was expecting.
    After several emails & failed attempts over a week or 2, Elifarley sorted it out and as of Fri. I am now able to access the test env. so will be starting to see how we could implement the microfunding proposal on the wiki this week.

    Next steps to get started on:
    • Identifying a list of key technical hurtles we'll need to tackle to get the MicroFunding additions to the TrueFans page to work as outlined in the MicroFunding proposal.
    • Working out what functionality to introduce for each sprint.  The goal is to always keeping the test env as a working prototype with small doable changes introduced each sprint.
    • Set up a dev environment on my computer so I can then copy working files from my version of the wiki to the test env and not risk corrupting the files on the test env.
    None of the above is trivial so given it's just me right now with my other  commitments, it'll take a few weeks to nail most of it down.
    Once it is worked out and I've got the MicroFunding design broken up into bite sized development chunks, it'll make sense to get more folks involved and put the project up on the Flashy XM.  Right now, I'd just like time to get my arms around what's involved to pull this off.

    I'm excited about the potential of functionality we develop.  I was thinking that once we've got it working, it wouldn't take a lot of effort to copy the functionality and possibly get it to work for recruiting flash mobs for OSE.   People could send out videos to friends who are SMEs saying something like "Me and a group of Steam Engine geeks like yourself are building the first open source modern steam engine this summer at Factor e Farm.  Interested?  Check out the link below to see how you could help make it a reality or miss out on this historic opportunity"...or some flavour of that and have an attractive video of the project in question (steam engine, bread oven, cnc table, whatever...) waiting for them at the end of the link that's included. 

    I'm curious if the 5 motivators this is all based on will work in application as stated in the Taylor's TED talk

    Anyways, Aaron, thanks for following up.  I'll keep you posted but I'm anticipating this to be slow going for a while.  I'll update you weekly going forward if you'd like?


    On 14 July 2012 18:04, Aaron Makaruk <> wrote:
    Hi Brad,

    Will you give me an update on your progress when you get a chance?

    We are excited for what you are working on.

    Aaron Makaruk | Director of Development & Co-Creator

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