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[WIKI] "Create account" link problems
  • Aaron,
    If you log off from the wiki and visit a wiki page, you'll see a link at the top right corner which reads "Create account".
    When people click on the "Create account" link, they won't see any instructions. Instead, they see a mostly empty page with 3 links.

    I think the best scenario is as follows:

    1. User visits the OSE wiki for the first time
    2. User gets interested in contributing to the wiki
    3. User sees a link which reads "Create account"
    4. User clicks on that link
    5. User sees a page with clear instructions on how to get an account

    Can you help with this? I remember it used to work like that some time ago.

    More info on redirects: 


    Elifarley Cruz
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  • I updated the wiki markup on the 'create account' page on the top right corner of each wiki page. previously it was a redirect, now it is a simple set of instructions on how to create an account with a link to a page with further details if needed.



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