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Village Barn or Faming Workshop
  • Hi all,
    I'm writing from FeF to share a thought that occurred to me the other day. Two Open Source CEB buildings currently exist: the HabLab living unit and the FabLab workshop with the open source Micro House in the design phase. If the idea is to create a fully replicable, self-sustaining farm, would it not be useful to design an open source, CEB Barn-type building to store farming implements, feed, and possibly livestock (and whatever else the farming operation requires?)

    Any thoughts on the practicality of CEBs used to construct such a building?

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  • Large-framed timber is more efficient for these type of spaces. AFAIK barns are built for volume and cubic area over structural / insulation concerns. 
    Maybe once some CEB builders get good at vaulted designs this would make sense :P

    NB: I'm not an architect, engineer, etc. 
  • Large framed timber is not difficult to make easy yourself, with laminated wood you can create every dimension you want or need or fit any design.
    Wood is also a ever growing material and carbon friendly.
  • Yes, this would be very helpful. I'm currently facing the need to build a 20' x 20' structure to house a tractor and implements. Basically all it needs to do is keep out rain and dew. Being able to lock it would also be a benefit. It's got to be easy and quick to construct.

    My current idea is this: take 4'x4' pieces of wood, and bury them 1/3rd in the ground with tamped, self-locking gravel. Make a framed roof piece out of 2'x6's, and bolt it to the vertical poles. Place OSB wood on the top and sides. Put a piece of 20'x20' pond liner on top.

    This is the basic idea but I'm fuzzy on the best way to construct each piece in the fastest, strongest, easiest way. If I was a carpenter it would be no problem, but I'm not. Having this "already figured out" would help.

    I like the idea of it being modular so in the future I can disassemble it and use it as part of another structure, though this would be more of a side-benefit.
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    November 2012
    20'X20' isn't a very large structure so any technique would work. For structures that size I'd even considered making a hay bale arch. Just strap on concrete reenforcing wire with a spacer on either side and coat it in concrete when you're done. Seal it and then lay sod over it was how I was looking to finish it. I would start off with a concrete foundation. You end up with a well insulated structure that blends with the landscape. You could even plant flowers or a garden on top of it.

    Here's a thought for cheap and potentially portable, a green house. If you use galvanized tubing you don't have to worry about rot and you just pound them into the ground. You can buy a tube bender and make the hoops yourself or I'll paste below a good source for kits. A 20'X24" kit will run you $2,355. I'd consider buying the replacement covering even if you make your own hoops. If you want lockable use corrugated roofing instead of plastic. At that size if you want it truly portable build it like they do chicken tractors. Just do a web search for more information. They are designed to be towed every few days to a new location and some are several times the size you are talking about. Essentially you'd be talking about a quonset hut on wheels.

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