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Problem posting to category "organizational development"
  • @Bastelmike wrote:

    Hello Elifarley,

    could You please give me a reason why I can not any longer post in the organizational development forum?
    wanted to answer there in a thread I had already posted in before and I
    found out that I now have no right to post there any longer.
    I don't think I'm a spammer, Elifarley. So why got I blocked ?
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  • It has never crossed my mind that you could be a spammer.

    Anyways, I certainly have not changed your user permissions - you have the same permissions you have always had.

    Also, I don't remember having changed the category permissions for the category you mention (organizational development), and by looking at it now, I can see that that the role  "member" doesn't have permission to add discussions nor to add comments to existing discussions on that category.

    By reading the description that Marcin wrote for that category ( which can be read at ), it looks like only after requesting an invitation from Angel will you (or any other user) be able to post there.

    You may now ask: "But I have posted there before, even without an invitation! What changed since then?"

    My guess is that I moved the discussion you added a comment to from category "General Discussions" to the current category "Organizational Development", without realizing that this would prevent most users from posting new comments to that discussion.

    I'm really sorry for my mistake.

    To fix it, I could move the discussion to the "General Discussions" category so that you can comment on it again - just let me know its title.

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