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OpenID wiki edit pages don't work
  • @ERos wrote:


    I have broblem with wiki. I make account "ERos" with openid (google) and
    I try to create new page. It give posibility to create (or
    edit/preview) but when try to save it deny and say "You must confirm
    your e-mail...".

    But I have confirmed email twice. First with registration and second time to test if it helps for edits (no effect).

    says it should work with openid (without confirmation?)

    What is wrong or do I something wrong, undocumented changes?

    No new users policy?

    Thank you

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  • This is certainly not intentional - there must be a bug in MediaWiki, the OpenID extension for MediaWiki, or the current wiki configuration that is causing this problem.

    I'll try to find a fix for this bug.
  • Can you try to log in without OpenID and then try to create a test page please?
  • Without OpenID I need password, but when I request ( send new password it says "A password reminder has already been sent, within the last 24 hours.". Ok first time it sayed sent ok, but nothing arrives (confirmed) email.
     I asked it also confirm email four times (long delivery time confused to try again), but only two confirmation emails arrived, with ~15min delivery.  So password reset _may_ work if I try enough many times, but every try takes ~24hrs period. If it works I can try login with password and try edit/create.

    With google openid I can log in and see I am logged etc. After that try ( ->


    From Open Source Ecology

    Jump to: navigation,

    You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reason:

    You must confirm your e-mail address before editing pages.

    One thing I changed email from gmail (I don't use it) to other address before confirmation. Can it affect?

    Any ideas? This blocks out maybe many people?

  • Eerin, thanks for posting these details.

    Perhaps you must confirm the email associated with your gmail account and use it. Can you try that please?
  • Reset password seems to send new password to gmail (openid), not to confirmed email (wiki database). So there is some broblem to handling diffrent email address in wiki database vs. openid. Broblem is not fatal, but it should document in wiki instructions, until somebody fix it.

    1. If you want use other than 100% openid data, you can't use openid. Create account and reset password, after that login without openid, set new password, confirm your email and be free to edit. -> No after email confirm it rejects just set password. Reset password give new and login with it show gmail again. So it seems to be imposible to use anything than openid data.
     That generates settings with email I don't read.

    I keep it some level bug.  I'll continue testing when wiki allow logins again, now it says too many tries and locked out, after some captcaha.. 

  • Ok, login with OpenID. Set gmail and confirm it. Allow one page edit, but when continue edit same page again (without other moves) it give email needs conformation message. And now I can't reproduce one time edit posibility. There is only one prove it was posible somehow:

    I have not idea how get edit to work.

  • It have also ability to loop long times change password, change temporaly password pages.

    Now I maybe got it work. When it have wiki database account and log in with openid, it seems capable to keep login data only two pages foward (sometimes longer, but edit drops it. If have direct edit/etc copy/paste it work, but next page don't). After that it drops login. I tryed openid convert enough many times (three, with copy/paste), until it sayed account is already openid. Now I can log in with openid and edit atleast some pages (until it drops login data, 2-3pages forward.)
    It beheave little better after save every page in personal preferencies. I hope it is usable enough now.


  • Hi Eerin,

    Can you please log in without OpenID (by using your login and password) and let me know if you find any problems?
    Please also post what login name you are using. I guess you're using only one wiki account, is that right?

    If you log in without OpenID but still can find problems, then the bug has something to do with your specific account.

    If you log in without OpenID and see no problems while editing pages, then the bug is restricted to OpenID.

    Thanks for helping debug this problem !
  • On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 3:14 PM, Graham Robertson <> wrote:
    Hey Elifarley, 
    I just read this message, I'm sorry I missed it the first time, but I am no longer having trouble editing. Thanks for your help!
  • No problem Graham.

    Anyways, are you logging in using OpenID or a login/password combination?

  • Graham wrote:

    OpenID seems to work the best.
  • I've created a non-OpenID account for Veleslav (who will translate some pages to Russian) and he seems to have the same problem. He wrote:

    [...] I was able to log in, however, when trying to edit a Wiki page, I receive a grayed source and a message that says: 

    "You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reason:

    You must confirm your e-mail address before editing pages. Please set and validate your e-mail address through your user preferences.

    You can view and copy the source of this page:"

    Somehow, after several page reloads, I was able to paste in the translated text, and to edit its wiki markup, but, when trying to preview and/or save the ready source text, I received the same error message as posted above.

    P.S. And well yet, I've been able to save my translated text, without trying to preview it. This far, I shall try the same way of action on any other pages to translate.

  • P.S.: Veleslav has confirmed his email address.
  • Cesar Lopez from Guatemala has had similar problems:

    [...] Sure, ask anything you need to resolve this, because the funny thing is that I can see my wiki page without problems, but it's a good thing I asked. I suspected that maybe only me can see that account.

    Actually, there are only two accounts: the one originally created by Aaron, which uses "Cesar Lopez" as the username (with a space in between the names), and the one you just informed me that you created. Here's the detailed steps of what happend, sorry for the lengthy email, but I think it's best to describe the problem accurately:

    1. I sent an email of interest in applying for a position to recruiting at

    2. Aaron replied, stating that he had created an account, which in fact he did and exists, with the username "Cesar Lopez" (with a space, no dash or underscore), but I was sent no password. He also created the wiki page for me to be able to complete the Pre-Interview Steps.

    3. The very first time I tried logging in with the normal method: I typed Cesar Lopez as the username, and no password. Wasn't able to log in.

    4. I saw the OpenID option, and I saw you could log in with a Google account. I chose this and I was able to login.

    5. The system automatically asked you to confirm your email address associated to the Google account, and so I did. I received an email with a link to click to confirm my email address.

    6. By this time everything seemed to be going well. I was logged in with the "Cesar Lopez" account, but using an OpenID verification with Google. Unfortunately when I got to my wiki page, and tried to edit the page to write my name, my phone number and simple stuff like that, the system clearly stated "you have no permission to edit pages. your email hasn't been authenticated". 

    7. Finding this strange, since I had just confirmed my email address, I went to Preferences as the system stated, and clicked on the "send confirmation email" link. I received another email, confirmed my email address again, and logged in to see if now I could edit pages. Still no luck.

    8. I tried two more times, but didn't work, still couldn't edit pages. At this stage, I filled the form for creating an account, thinking maybe the account wasn't created successfully, or I need a password, and informed Aaron of this. He didn't create an additional account. He just informed me my account already existed, and to inform him if I had any more problems.

    9. So I thought maybe it's a problem with the Open ID. I tried logging in again using only my username Cesar Lopez and no password. Then, I used the option to reset the password as if you had "forgotten" or "misplaced" it, and it did send me a resetting password, which did let me log in once, but as it asked me to reset the password to change the temporary one, for some reason, it didn't accept the "old password" which had been just sent to me via email.

    10. I tried again to reset the password, but the same happened. It seemed to work at first, cause it led you to a screen where it asked you the old password, and to create a new one and confirm it. I did this, but as I tried to do that, the system said the "old password" was no longer valid.

    11. I logged in again one last time with the Open ID, and to my surprise, this time, I was able to edit pages. So I thought, maybe it was a system hiccup. I was able to write some basic information they asked. I was able to upload my resume in pdf format, and today I embedded a youtube video. The funny thing is that, at least from my side, everything seems to be working perfectly. I can look at the resume, at the video, and edit pages.

    So, I guess it's a good thing I asked if you could see my wiki page. I hope I described the problem enough for you to try to detect what's the problem. If you need any help from me, please let me know. If it's necessary to delete one account or both of them and start anew, I don't mind. the info can be re-uploaded in minutes.

    thanks again, have a great day

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