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Song about Open Source Ecology
  • I found out about Open Source Ecology from Juliet Schor’s book Plenitude and ended up writing a song about OSE, hoping it could be of use in efforts to spread the word.

    Under a CreativeCommons Non-commercial (CC BY-NC 3.0) license, the song is absolutely free to download and share with others. You're welcome to give it away to as many people as you like and encourage others to do the same (as long as you respect and include attributions). I don't want any payment. I just want to help raise awareness about OSE.

    Open Source Ecology (Alex remix) by Lonnie Ray Atkinson
    Creative Commons License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0

    Open Source Ecology (with Anitek) by Lonnie Ray Atkinson
    Creative Commons License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0
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  • Lonnie, that bumps! Incredible work. Just need some OSE 12" and 400w OSE Amp to bust that up and down the block! LOL

    You are really on to something. Every movement needs an anthem and its dope enough to get the shorties to pay attention. Will test it on my kids in the morning, if they start head bobbing you have a winner. would be fun to take some OSE videos, cut them up, speed some up, slow some down and lay this track to it, maybe as part of some presentation directed at students? 

    Appreciate you being an inspiration you touched at least 1 person in a meaningful and unforgettable way today.  
  • Haha...even rap can't make open source non-geekie. I love it! "Introduce a middle finger to the invisible hand"

    Maybe we need a new phrase. "Open source" has never rolled off the tongue all that well. 
  • @Endelevu - Thanks so much.  I really hope I passed the test with your kids.
    I think your idea about trying to put some video work with the song is a good one.  Unfortunately, I'm garbage when it comes to video work.  I'm in the process of trying to find some help for that kind of stuff. If you know of anyone else who would want to put in the time, that would be awesome. 
    One last thing - it's always wonderful to hear someone say that your music touched them.  That's the reason why I'm doing political music - to help spread the word and encourage folks to get involved.  I appreciate such kind words.

    @Matt_Maier - Thanks, Matt.  I credit the producers Alex and Anitek for musical tracks so nice they can make such a "geekie" rap sound pretty attractive.  Glad you liked the "introduce the middle finger to the invisible hand" line. It's always nice to have a couple icebreakers here and there between serious lyrics.

  • I blogged about your song.

    If you tend to get excited enough about this kind of thing to make original songs then you should take a look at Wikispeed. They are well along on an awesome project and are cooperating with OSE. Also, they're on the cusp of launching a Kickstarter campaign to get funding so they can iterate to a production version of their 100mpg car.
    Here's one of the promotional videos that's in the works
  • this is a great work you got here you definitely have a talent for music! i am sure this will really get some attention for OSE because sometimes all it needs is a great song to hum to and people just listens like you get their attention and put them in the moment. i do hope that your work really gets the proper recognition because i think what you do is good and that people will really appreciate it as much as i do. more power and goodluck!
  • @joannee - Thanks so much for the kind words.  It means a lot.

    @matt_maier - Thanks again, Matt. I appreciate the post. I dig what they're doing with wikispeed - glad they're gaining momentum. There's another group doing something similar to this - I think in the Netherlands.  All kinds of exciting open source projects going on.  Lots of potential (for songs as well).
  • Really love this - Rap that is about life I can relate and recognise!

    Do you have more? Is there another site for this?


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    November 2012
    These are fantastic, download these directly to my phone! We should make a music video at the Factor e Farm! These are great rhymes.
  • fuck yes!! this is too cool :D very well done!!!!

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