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Wikicar production
  • I'm  editing cos today on new pictures on wikispeed new bodywork look fine and smooth. So, no action is need.

    I'm really sorry that I'm posting this on general forum - but I'm not sure where it should be to make sure this will be on time   ;)  pls pass to right address

    I have a suggestion to wikispeed car team to consider ( cos Marcin going use this one as ose flagship and drive it around the world with only one can of petrol ;)   )  to laminate the bodyshell in a bag press. This pictures on wikispeed webpage with flares of lights webpage showing the surface isn't smooth. It doesn't need a lots of many but presentation could be better a lot.
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  • > I'm  editing cos today on new pictures on wikispeed new bodywork look fine and smooth.

    Cool. Are the new pictures available? Where can we see them?
  • Hi, Can alternative propulsion technologies be implemented on Wikispeed like Dearman Liquid Air Engine, I wish that you tie up with Dearman engine! Also look at Hybrid Hydraulic Engines, Steam/stirling engines.
  • The wikispeed modular design shouldn't have any trouble accepting any kind of power source as long as it produces rotary motion of at least 50hp (according to Joe Justice the team lead). In fact, I believe they are excited about the idea of testing any engine anyone wants to send them.
  • I'm sorry for silence - I just forgot to bookmark this topic
    new bodyshell is :

    To be honest the old bad pictures disappear somewhere  ;)   - so you couldn't compare
  • Wikispeed crowdfunding:
    You can also upvote a story about this on Reddit.

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