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What I am working on for Agroecology
  • Hello folks. I have not been around for quite some time, other than lurking to see how things are going. I have not been idle though, and I still want to help make this a reality. I have been getting certifications in organic agriculture through the Veteran's Sustainable Agriculture Training Course, and soon will have an aquaponics certification, and hopefully shortly after that a permaculture certification. Soon, perhaps as soon as May, I would like come out with a team of individuals of a similar mindset to do a project and start gaining skills to help develop GVCS in developing nations in South America in conjuction with USAid, an opportunity I was presented with at the VSAT course. I have also been afforded an opportunity that should be able to help me bootstrap OSE in the near future and do replication in the mid to long term. As I am no longer up to my eyeballs will school and occupy stuff, I will be able to help on the online documentation, especially related to Agriculture and environmental stuff. Hope to be of service.
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  • Some of the individuals I've been working with include a 30 year Marine Corp vet that does beekeeping and , a couple of other vets heavily involved in zeitgeist movement, and some guys working on using arduino for greenhouse controls.

    On a karmic level, helping vets help themselves and helping make the world a better place is something that wood be a boon to society. The VSAT training does that, and it is my feeling that helping create the GVCS and replicating it as a real solution to the Scarcity/war model, and the veterans that I have engaged seem to feel the same. Here is their TEDx talk about it. Perhaps this could be the way to train agroecologists?
  • Cool. If you want to visit the farm to do something specific search the wiki for a "dedicated project visit" and there should be instructions. 

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