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Michel Bauwens: The $100bn Facebook question: Will capitalism survive 'value abundance'?
  • Open-source manufacturing and OSE mentioned on the article:

    The $100bn Facebook question: Will capitalism survive 'value abundance'?
    Open-source software, shared innovation and crowd-sourced manufacturing threaten capitalism as we know it.
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  • Yeah, it's an interesting idea, particularly when it's filtered through a non-Western point of view.

    I think the author overstated the case to drum up attention. Capitalism, as a thing, is a mathematically necessary tool. There is no such thing as an eradication of capitalism. What I think they were referring to is the socio-cultural focus on capitalism as a panacea. The "invisible hand" is just a tool, not a philosophy or a lifestyle. That hasn't stopped a lot of people from pretending The Free Market is a solution to all problems.

    The mastery of a new domain always improves our situation. When we invented boats, we were no longer land-locked, and to this day land-locked countries are at several disadvantages. When we invented airplanes, we were no longer surface-locked, and air travel is now a necessary capability. The land, sea and air domains were all we had for a while. The internet is the "boat" of the cyber domain. It creates more/better options than we had when we were restricted to only the previous domains.

    With the growth in exploitation of this new domain, we have new solutions to our problems. Open source is one of those solutions. In the same way people still walk despite the existence of planes, trains and automobiles, open source isn't going to invalidate capitalism. It still works just like it always worked. Open source is merely a different (better IMHO) option.

    It would be a mistake to attach it to any preexisting political or cultural conclusions. Like all tools, it can be used to achieve goals, but that doesn't change the fact that the tool itself is not a fundamental part of any of those goals. Open source is merely a way to innovate more efficiently. It's not anti-capitalism.

  • Technology, no matter what motivation it is created out of, plays a good part in destroying any system that uses labor as a means of determining distribution of goods and greed as means of motivation (money).

    such are the building blocks of price systems such as capitalism and communism.

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