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InoCont' Regional Volunteers wanted
  • InoCont is looking for a Regional Volunteers to join our team and support our international communities. Regions are Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Africa and Australia.
    You will be part of InoCont's international support team; you'll be helping users, moderate project games, translating news and InoCont features, all in your preferable language.
    This is an unpaid part-time position. You will be receiving a certificate for your efforts. Hours are flexible, though we would like a minimum of 10 hours/week remotely.

    *    Translating news blog posts and features from InoCont’s portal.
    *    Supporting the regional community by project sessions moderating, answering forum questions, talk page replies and eventually via chat.

    Desired Skills & Experience
    *    Passion for helping other people
    *    Calm and friendly replies to users, even in stressful times
    *    Readiness for retraining
    *    Has experience over any Wiki-project
    *    You can communicate with an advanced level of Russian
    *    InoCont experience preferred

    How to Apply

    Send your resume and your concept of realization of the "InoCont" Program in the region on all to seven aspects (to 5 pages) (in Russian) to and include "Regional Volunteer" in the subject line.
    Include your InoCont username (if you have one) and Skype username.
    Principals only. Agency and recruiter resumes will be considered unsolicited resumes that are not subject to placement fees.

    About InoCont
    InoCont ( is a collaborative creative Program that enables communities to discover, create, and share content on any field in any activities. The Program general purposes are to create civil movement on expansion on the Earth of models of ability to live and an infrastructure of independent planetary settlements (IPS), pertinent for the subsequent settling of planets and other objects of Solar system. Community-created wikis cover everything from the fundamental aspects of future to terraforming and the world's best design experience.
    Want to know more about the Program? Read the full InoCont Concept.

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  • None of that (including the wiki) makes any sense. Maybe it's a translation problem.
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    January 2012
    My understanding of this is that it is a program to design complete settlements, including infrastructure, and social environments/interactions. It looks neat from the pics, kinda like a virtual layout program for the Venus Project, but for other planets. I information on the wiki seems jumbled in different places through the massive text, almost like it was done with translation software and not personally. I didn't read through all of it though as it is very large and confusing. InoCont, can you describe the basic function of the program in 3-4 sentences plainly?
  • Seems like if they were going to go to that kind of effort they wouldn't have posted a Russian illustration on an English forum.

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