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El Salvador Replication Costs and Ideas
  • Hello,

          I think we can possibly help and each other out. I am from New Jersey, but currently studying in El Salvador. Im 17 years old but have suffice understanding, the know how, and the hardworking attitude/discipline to help work toward your cause. It just so happens that I also want to help fight poverty, hunger, and the lack of inequality in this world. For now in El Salvador. I have never in my life seen people working so hard just to get by. The dependency of this country on the United States is also highly astonishing, if anything bad is to happen, the first thing they do is call on for help. I want to help this country help its self by bringing tools and machinery along with the knowledge to use them. This country is full of plants, trees, life of all sorts but is plagued by pollution and means of brute manual labor.
         I think there is a solution at hand. My grandfather is owner to a very large sum of land here. Acres and acres of property he accumulatted over years of labor. So I believe if some of it is sold and other part of it is DEVELOPED at a standard of self sufficiency, then little by little the country will begin to adopt such methods of sustainability. And regain its economic statues as well its pride. Helping spread these valuables resources throughout surrounding latin america and south america.
         For this I need the help of proffesionals from Factor e Farm to help accomplish this goal. I alone do not have the experience to import/export, Build, Design, Repair, Or execute most of the things I want to accomplish here. So I am emailing and contacting you guys at Factor e farm to consider collaborating with me to bring a little peace to a little country. If anyone is interested in helping send me a message.

         Also on the practical note, the profit here would be immense, seeing as the influence of major corporations is minimal we could possibly dominate the market in central america. And export the remaining products to surrounding areas to fund further projects.
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  • You did not specify what things you want to build. I think GVCS may be too early in development to be useful to you. If you want to build the 50 GVCS tools then this does not even exist yet. Only the LifeTrac, Power Cube and CEB press have been prototyped to a useable level so far.
  • Yeah, the GVCS doesn't exist yet.

    Also...I doubt Marcin is going to be interested in putting time/effortin into your project until you demonstrate that you personally are capable of organizing a successful effort.

  • I would like to build a CEB press for starters. I saw what you were saying about starting the new project seeing as how only a fraction of the technology is perfected. It is an idea to take into consideration later on. Not to be taken right now. I was just saying how there is a lot of land here that can be developed, and cheaply as well. Until the GVCS work It would be nice to think of expanding in south and central america.
  • What specifically are you looking for as far as help from the folks on this forum and those at Factory e Farm?

    Do you have specific questions? Or are you seeking advice on some specific aspect of what you are trying to do?
  • I am trying to make land available here in El Salvador. If or when the folks at Factory e Farm are ready they can come and help develop it into a village or town.  And also help show some of the builds I might be able to do while Im here. To make other designs and GVCs possible. But mainly make more options as in countries to start with
  • Sounds like you're trying to position yourself for the 2013 village build (after the 2012 prototype build). I'd suggest getting started on something related. Maybe start OSE El Salvador and get other like-minded people to gather together. It will take time to get people to support the project, so use this year to do that. Then, with land and people, you'll be ready to build a village once the GVCS is finished at the end of the year.

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