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    I've been inspired by OSE to start an organisation and wiki of my own. The intent is to stimulate public domain collaboration in the development of "new" technology. And distribute the applications afterwards. I'm trying to get like minded people to join in the fun. I am also wondering what you people at OSE think about it. I'd also like to promote and link to OSE if I may. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    Kind regards

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  • Seems vaguely defined. Coordinating volunteers requires an exciting and tangible goal they can all get behind. "We will do stuff with technology, sort of" isn't going to excite anyone. You need something more specific and actionable. 

    Maybe you could start by aggregating all the different open source projects that already exist. Create a central hub of information. Maybe contribute by writing your own scripts that would automatically scan open source project sites to update your content. Become the "google" of open source projects. THEN, when you have people using your site, provide them with tools to comment on open source projects, or rate them. Or, reverse the script so that contributions people make on your site are automatically added to the site of the project they are relevant to.

    Just some ideas.
  • thanks for your reply

    Yes well the idea is as far as I Can say similar to what OSE does. Where OSE focuses on the village construction kit I will focus on building applications for already existing homes. But if anybody has some piece of technology that is applicable in other domain I will not restrain them from entering it in our database. As long as it is ecological and sustainable. There are a lot of people working independently on the Internet with technologies such as the John Hutchinson power cell. The intent is to build up a platform for these people to work together.
    I don't feel like becoming the Google of open source projects. I'm not a coder. My main priority is the technology and the organization. I also felt there wasn't any organization or website that specifically does what I propose here. The Internet is a big place though, so I'd gladly be enlightened about other comparable projects or organizations. So I don't have to do the work on the website of organizational side and can focus on the engineering.

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