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Plastic bottles as lightbulbs
  • This video, sent by José Estêvão, shows a way people can use plastic bottles as lightbulbs when there's daylight (useful for environments with no light coming from the windows)

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  • Only trouble is... this will only work with an uninsulated roof.
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    January 2012
    Something similar can be achieved with an insulated roof by using an insulated tube with triple glazing on the interior of the house and and a glazing or acrylic dome on the exterior of the roof. It is not water or a bottle but the idea is the same, catch and redirect light. The bottle is effective because it disperses the light in all direction whereas a skylight only lets a straight beam of light in. An expensive alternative to this would be fiber optics or even solid acrylic.

    I love the simplicity of this invention. When I first heard of people doing this I was hesitant to believe it, but it really is amazingly effective, and makes me wonder how we could use skylights or tubes more effectively.

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