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Exporting the wiki to a CD / DVD
  • I've found some information about exporting MediaWiki to a CD or DVD at

    Looks like the way to go is to use the Collection extension to export wiki articles to a ZIM file and use Kiwix to browse and search it.
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  • Something that can also be useful is the current XML export of our wiki (updated daily).
    Its size is less than 4 megabytes and contains all 3242 wiki pages (but no history).

    It is created with this command:
    (cd $WIKI_HOME/w/maintenance && $PHP dumpBackup.php --current --report=10000 | bzip2 -9c > "$target/osewiki-current.xml.bz2")
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    January 2012
    Taking a snapshot of the current wiki on a periodic basis (monthly?) would be a bit of insurance against total loss.

    - Mark
  • Hello Mark,
    We already have a weekly backup of the whole wiki, blog, forum and the main site ( It is encrypted and stored on a separate server via mbkp.

  • Good news: Simon, one of our True Fans, is helping with the process of organizing the Civilization Starter Kit section of the wiki for DVD production.

    Simon, please keep us updated on your progress.
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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the warm welcome. Glad to be part of the discussion. Here is where I'm coming from:
    • I have experience producing cross-platform CD and DVD educational material.
    • Marcin asked if I could get the 4 beta tools onto DVD and into production ASAP.
    • My current time projection would put the .iso into distribution as early as February 20th, assuming all content is complete for inclusion.
    • For those currently thinking about DVD production, how have you considered collecting the content from third-party hosts: youtube, vimeo, openpario, makeprojects, etc?
    • Here is the content framework from which I am working:
    Looking forward to working with you all. More about me here:

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    Following is a more complete update of the CSK DVD v0.01 production process:
    • I've labeled needs beyond my current scope in red.
    • I estimate I can have everything ready for a test order on Monday, Feb 20th.
    • I'm working towards clarity, consistency, and usability in the DVD deliverable. I believe these criteria to be paramount.
    • Downloaded all content linked from Civilization Starter Kit DVD v0.01 (Table of Contents)
    • Downloaded internally linked pages, two levels deep
    • Downloaded relevant stylesheets and images for DVD
    • Downloaded most videos for the DVD in mp4 file type.
    • Removed wiki navigation/edit/user menus for DVD
    • Verified preliminary CSK DVD content is working on Mac/Windows/Linux (Ubuntu)
    • Download PDF plans for all tools from MakeProject
    • Decision: Choose the primary reference name for Tractor/LifeTrak product (aiming for consistency/clarity, consider how it translates in other language [Nova]).
    • Download CEB Press solenoid driver playlist from YouTube. 
    • Edit into comprehensive video
    Decision on DVD packaging (
    • economy:1oz mailer, vinyl sleeve, $4 shipped USA
    • premium: DVD case, shrinkwrap, bubble mailer, full-color insert card, $6.50 shipped USA
    Graphics for DVD surface and DVD sleeve or DVD case (depending on economy or premium production run)
    Broken Shuttleworth link at 
    Editing of raw videoDecision: How to handle internal links that go deeper into the wiki than CSK v0.01
    • Leave active and allow to break?
    • Write javascript to check for internet connection and post an alert box if content cannot be fetched?
    • Disallow all links that leave the DVD content?
    Decision: How to handle external links that go deeper into the wiki than CSK v0.01
    • Leave active and allow to break?
    • Write javascript to check for internet connection and post an alert box if content cannot be fetched?
    • Disallow all links that leave the DVD content?
    Decision: Should content on (i.e. be downloaded and included in the DVD? Edit raw video footage here: content delivered CSK v0.01 contentFormat CSK v0.01 layout for clarity, consistency, and usability (have added navigation to CSK ToC for most pages)Test viewing of content from DVD/.iso without internet accessUploaded .iso to Trepstar for productionOrder test copies in "economy" and "premium" to evaluate product qualityCreate an order page for CSK DVD v0.01 (still planning on $50/DVD as fundraiser?) [Could be Paypal, need help/access for this to happen]Create/assign task of uploading order spreadsheet to TrepstarSet-up payment method for Trepstar
  • Is Monday a hard deadline?
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    Hi Matt,

    • Monday is not a hard deadline. 
    • I still need items from 6 contributors. 
    • I will be contacting contributors directly, via email, to determine ETA.
    • I'm estimating my tasks completed by Sunday night.
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    For version v0.01, I am choosing to go with a direct HTML dump.
    • Accessible in any web browser.
    • Readily generated and updated on a single page or whole site basis.
    • According to Kiwix FAQ: no PPC-based Mac reader, Windows version in testing.
    • ZIM files cannot be updated, must generate entirely new ZIM with each update.
    Please respond if there is an outstanding reason to go ZIM/Kiwix rather than HTML

    I have added DVD needs to the CSK Task List, please follow the wiki page for current progress.

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