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Hello from The Netherlands
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    December 2011
    Hello all,

    As I came across this idea through TED, I also came across this website. I must say I am very suprised by the brilliant idea of a construction set and was amazed that it didnt even existed yet. At the moment I am still studying in a completely different field namely biochemistry and indeed it has nothing to do with farming, housing and such. But as I went through this website I noticed that there is still a lot to do (desiging, information, it, etc.). And therefor I would like to offer or well offer... I had some experience in the past with some basic 3D studio max and designed some space ships with it hey who doesnt. Also I have a website running for my father who was a farm (not a farm like you have there but it has a big shed and some fields of grass).

    At the moment I am playing with solidworks and it sure amazes me the ease of use... So in short:

    I have experience in the it field, basic webdesign knowledge (know how to implement features and learns fast)
    Basic experience in 3D design but would love to increase this knowledge big time!
    Knows how to fix a beetle car as I am currently building mine.
    [edit] and maybe a good note as I read through the help needed post about DXF, I have proper skills in python. The language ;)[/edit]

    So that was about it.. Hello! 

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