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ARAS Open Source PDM Server
  • Does anyone have any input they can provide on utilizing the open source PLM tool ARAS? (

    I'm specifically looking for input from designers/engineers/IT professionals that have used it in their workplace and can comment on it's viability for OSE in terms of controlling the CAD data, creating a CAD repository and web based feedback channels for design improvements/changes.

    - Mike
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  • Just looked at the demo and website and it sure looks promising. As of now I dont see a clear depository where all the projects are located. Some data and information can be found on the wiki but most is still vague. I think indeed that one location where everything is stored and can be connected to would be the best solution. As for now as I am moving from place to place I cannot host any proper depository. A down side for this piece of software can be that it uses windows server and not linux as this is the more common part or did I miss something? 

    As I cannot help in the real building part I sure can help in finding better IT solutions and development methods. Maybe it is wise to setup a team for anything Web/IT/Design related parts for the OSE?
  • Hi Xienixs,

    You can take a look at this wiki page:

  • Thanks I'll look into that


  • Yes Xienixs, that was the issue with ARAS right now as we don't have access to a windows server. We COULD pay for one, but without trialing it first it would be a waste of money. If anyone out there reading this has a windows server that could load up the software on as a temporary trial that would be greatly appreciated.
  • Just stumbled across this one:

    still looking into it but this might be an issue:

    convert the downloaded trial into a licensed full version for 795,00 € (plus VAT). For USD pricing please contact our order desk directly.

    Maybe they can sponsor us?

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