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  • I introduced someone to the GVCS last night, and now, since they live in the suburbs where LifeTrac would be too big, they're getting excited about pedal-powered bulldozers and micro-backhoes. Some of the links:
    pedal powered forklift:

    pedal-powered bulldozer:

    Anyone else here working on such things?
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  • im working on a winch just cause i need one, there are other stuff but they dont seem necesary or practicable
  • Haha, that is awesome! I'm not sure how much use you'd actually get out of it, but I like the principle. It would be more useful if you could swap an engine in and out. 
  • i beg to differ matt
    we had days downtime once when we ran out of gas in our forklift, partially due to the supplier but still. somthing like this would of allowed us to keep going
    I like the other pedal powered stuff except they want us to pay for it =/
  • More options = better.
  • touche............. hahaha

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