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CEB Rollers animation
  • Things have been crazy here at Factor e Farm and I apologize for not getting much done documentation-wise.  There's been a pro videographer onsite who is leaving today, but there's another pro videographer taking over, and most of the "documentation" work I have been doing has been to support them, shooting video and writing scripts.  I've come to realize the videos should be the front line ... I can create written documentation from information in the videos, but its rather hard to shoot video from just written documentation.

    Anyhow, I've been tinkering around with Sketchup and, in addition to some earlier models for things that aren't yet complete, I created a sketchup model of some rollers Factor e Farm had a friendly machine shop (Sweiger's) design and make.  I created the Sketchup model based on its measurements, and have played around with creating an animation loop:

    It isn't 100% accurate, especially the rollers themselves, but Sketchup doesn't lend itself well to curves and measuring the little "in" spaces is rather difficult.  The overall dimensions are correct, though.

    I am trying to put it on the wiki, but the wiki is being uber-laggy.
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    October 2011
    Nice animation, Howard.


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