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FIRST COMPLETED (draft)PAGE! CEB Press Manufacturing Instructions, Primary Support Arms PDF format!
  • This includes updated dimensions and instructions from Brianna I incorporated into all new Google Sketchup models, which were exported from Google Sketchup into a 2000 pixel-wide .PNG (I make it higher resolution to make it ready to print; most printers print at 600 DPI or higher and with 1" margins, that's 6 1/2" of space x 600 DPI = 3900 'dots' per line; 2000 is about half that ... graphics at typical web resolutions will look terrible, especially fine-detail line illustrations), which I then loaded in Gimp to trim (wish Google Sketchup would 2D export just the drawing, but it includes whitespace for the rest of the last saved viewport) and paste in.

    None of this is final, of course, but it feels like a milestone achievement.

    This uses the superscript-numerator/subscript-denominator hack for fractions.

    This isn't the first page of the document, but the first actual manufacturing instruction page; it is presently actually at Page 12.  I did manage to get it to fit on a single page.  A now definitively obsolete version of the completed model takes up most of the space on the title page, and appears again smaller before this page, and those will need to be replaced when I have updated .SKPs.

    There is still quite a way to go, but with every one I get through, I learn and can establish a pattern to make the rest go faster.  I can't emphasize enough how helpful Brianna is and Dorkmo who seems to be on the ball on updating sketchup models (I did the updated sketchup models here, but dorkmo created a new one from scratch for a recently updated part on the wiki).  There's definitely plenty of room for collaboration ... if you want to help, but don't know where to start, just ask!
    Compressed Earth Brick Press - Building Instructions - 2011-09-18 - Primary Support Arms Demo.pdf 98K
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    September 2011
    Nice work, Howard.  It looks quite good.  I see your point about the Sketchup dimensions, though in this case it isn't horrible, but in more complex diagrams it could be.  Also the fraction hack looks ok to me.  Yeah, you can tell if you look closely, but It think this is an acceptable solution to that problem.  Good job!

  • Thanks.  I did notice I neglected to include the the "All undimensioned holes are 13/16" dia." note I had for the right primary arm, but since it is an integrated document and the right is under the left which has the note, that should be okay.

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