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Educational resources for GVCS replication
  • My intention in writing this post is to outline some of the main topics which I hope will be discussed in the Education forum.  My suggestions will certainly not be exhaustive of the topics which relate to education in the context of OSE's overall goals, but I hope that these suggestions will at least get some conversations started. 

    Three general broad categories come to mind when I think about Education in the context of OSE's work:

    1.  Educational resources which need to be developed to help aid replication of each of the GVCS technologies
    2.  A comprehensive curriculum that needs to be developed for OSE's planned 2-year immersion training programs, in which individuals would spend two years learning how to build the entire Global Village Construction Set
    3.  A comprehensive curriculum and education model for the K-Ph.D. Renaissance Education model that Marcin has proposed for integrated humans and resilient communities in the 21st century.

    In regards to the first category, "Education resources for GVCS replication", below is a list of some of the educational resources which I think will be useful to create for each of the GVCS technologies (note: some of these items may be discussed more thoroughly in other forums):

    • -  Instructional videos on how to build the technology
    • -  How-to Manual  
    • -  Skill/knowledge tree, showing exactly which skills are necessary to build the technology (understanding which skills are required to build each of the different technologies could also be very useful when designing the 2-year immersion training program, so that the curriculum could progress in a cumulative fashion in which skillsets developed while building the simplest machines in the earlier part of the program will build on one another to enable students to build the more advanced technologies later in the program).
    • -  Suggested resources on how to acquire the necessary skills for building that technology

    These are just some preliminary ideas on what sorts of topics might be most relevant to this Education Forum.  I would love to see the discussion open up to include other topics which might be relevant, or closer looks at some of the topics I have mentioned above. 

    Thank you to all who contribute to this work.

    Best wishes,
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    How about organizing a self-selected group of subject matter experts who add their info to a database, indicating their willingness to help others to learn and build and use the GVCS?
    Some "certification" or testing might be of value, to give a sort of OSE/FeF stamp of approval that people do have the knowledge they claim to have. And testing is a good form of training anyway.

  • I like this idea of creating some sort of way in which subject-matter experts can volunteer to advise and help others.  This suggestion reminded me of the Khan Academy's system in which after proving mastery in a particular subject (through online tests), a person can volunteer as a tutor for that subject and then help other students all over the world.  Over time a tutor can get more and more positive reviews from people they have helped, and thus become a higher-ranked tutor (a.k.a. subject-matter expert) for that particular subject.  A similar program could be developed for OSE.  However, we currently do not have any formalized way of testing volunteers to validate their expertise in a particular subject area.  Perhaps until some kind of test is developed, anybody could be allowed to volunteer to be a tutor/advisor/subject-matter expert, and it would solely be through people's comments, feedback, and ratings that a particular subject-matter expert would earn their reputation of being qualified and helpful.   
  • Has OSE considered trying to contact Khan Academy to see if they could collaborate? Khan Academy is already working on a K-PhD model for it's subjects, and a knowledge map that's similar to OSE's tech tree.
  • @Zenferno,

    I don't know that anybody involved with OSE has contacted the Khan
    Academy, but I think this would be a great idea.  I agree with you that
    there could be a lot of overlap between their K-Ph.D curriculum model
    and knowledge map and our own work.  If you have a clear idea of how a
    fruitful cooperation could be arranged between OSE and Khan Academy
    please put together a proposal letter and contact them (you could share
    the proposal letter on this forum for peer review beforehand if you'd
    like).  I would love to see an OSE education program that is as
    coherently structured and easy to follow as Khan Academy's, with
    instructional videos that are comparable to theirs in terms of clarity,
    humor, and effectiveness.   

  • Is there a site with an easy to search list of the Khan academy subjects? If not it would be good to have one, especially ones relevant to the technical parts of the GVCS.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down February 2012
    "A comprehensive curriculum that needs to be developed for OSE's planned
    2-year immersion training programs, in which individuals would spend two
    years learning how to build the entire Global Village Construction Set"

    Anyone know where there's more information on this plan currently? Sounds incredible, I would LOVE to do it (currently going into an undergrad in Engineering by the Open University, here's hoping by the time I'm finished the programme will be set!).

  • The GVCS doesn't exist yet. Seems like a curriculum to learn how to use it is a bit premature.

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