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  • If this already exists please let me know.

    I thought it would be neat if there was a map (Google map linked?) where users could mark there home town (or county).

    So we can have a visual representation of where members are generally located, and which members can meat up to do group projects.
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  • we are planning to this with the Crowdmap. Check the problem statement here: . If you have any ideas for contribution, feel free to share :)
  • So, is it more difficult than the homepage makes it seem?

    It looks like you would also be able to put locations of machine projects and time of completion.

    So, who is going to make the account.... it says it is free i think i will look into it, i might be able to use it on ZSDW.
  • so i quickly tried it, it is a bit confusing

    here is the one i made

    Make a report using your user-name from this form, post to let me know to approve it and we will see how well it works.
  • I decided to move this from my intro page.

    Comment from eBell:
    Welcome! Glad to have another Canuck on board. I'm in Onterrible (but not Toronto)

    Looks like you've got a great set of skills for starting a lil OSE chapter. Perhaps there should be a discussion about how these chapters can form up in different cities.


    When you look at some of the timeline goals being thrown around, it seems to me that a massively wide effort will need to be formed. There are only so many people that will have the ability to meet up at THE farm to do this. So I think your suggestion fits the bill.

    However, acting on such an initiative may be premature at this point. By exploring this site and the Wiki, I'm realizing that this is still early days.

    Rather than having the limited resources spread thinly, we should aim all the energy into one or two projects and get them totally done. At least the first stage of development anyway. Then there's a template for others to follow when they take on something later on.

    If you look at what has been done up to now, you find a great deal of effort has been expended. But to my knowledge, there isn't even one project that was ever "wrapped up" to the point where it can guide the process from here on out.

    All I'm suggesting is a slight tweak to the process really. This is so doable. We just need to lead the way and things will accelerate quickly once the path is clearly marked.

    The Dawg
  • That is the thing, you can get more work from people who have limited time or resources themselves.

    Also groups may be able to get down to "the farm"

    Let it grow so people will get motivated, involved, and informed.

    This will bring in more resources and people.
  • @Killer1306, I agree about spreading the word, I've put some fair time into that and plan on more.

    @Dawg I agree about the need for priority and the potential power of geography-related collaboration. As I mentioned on another post discussing the idea of chapters, I live right between Cleveland and Akron in Ohio.
  • Now it is online:
    You can add your location to the map! :)
    Instructions are here:

    Do you have any comments or suggestions?
  • Hello Nikolayhg:

    I like the Map, this is a truly great project overall. I would like to indicate two spots on the Map, one for fabricating in Toronto or its Greater Area and one for testing in Zambia Africa. If I can pull that off then I think I can add myself as Funder. I already signed up for that fan thingy with a tiny monthly donation but I think I can raise more for this cause through other means.

    My current interests are the powercube, the life trac and the bull dozzer. In Africa these products can raise money in test mode which can then be ploughed back to support other initiatives at OSE.

    I think the map is great.


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