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Greetings from Poland.
  • Hi there, my name is Gregory (Grzegorz), 24 y old, and typing to you from Poland. First of all i wanna apoligize for my english, as for years of not using it my grammar did fall heavily, btu will do my best.
    As for now i'm working at factory, making precise valves (for example used at French nuclear power plants). I'm not really technicaly educated, but  have not so bad workbench at home, and was interested in building different stuff at home. OSE is really my stuff, since i'm focusing at "do it yourself" technologies making your life easier. I also did learn a lot about computers (20 years of experience, since masterpiece called Comodore 64, still got 2 of those working), as for now im focusing on 3D graphic and Python programming mostly used at smartphones aplications, also making a bit of money doing architectual visualisations and technical dynamic simulations. 

    As for the technical stuff itself, currently i'm working on efficient homemade stirling engine powered by solar energy ( for focus im using cheap, but powerful fresnel lenses). I already did a lot of minor stuff: build my own engines, both electric and mechanic, experimented with electromagnetism in form or Lorentz accelerators, and worked on passive exoskeleton for humans, so making it short, experimenting. I love experiments and tsets of my homemade stuff. Before I instroduced myself, i did check what kind if people i'm able to find here. I don't think a can contribute too much to that project, rather learn from all of you people, with more experience and knowledge than me. I may only be a little bit of help with documentation and visualisations, or maybe if you think about focusing on stirling engines, rather than modern steam powered ones.

    So hello to all of you, and hope I can help u at least a little bit here. :)

    PS: I have long term dream of making cheap, self sufficient ocean city, still even if i'm looking for tech and knowledge, and making projects myself, it's only a dream, and one hard to accomplish.


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