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Hello from Humboldt
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    My name is Kyle Handley

    At university I was an Industrial Technology major with a focus in Manufacturing and Operations Management. I have some experience in CAD, got to do one 3d print job, I've also worked in construction as skilled labor since a young age.

    I tend not to stick in one field, but look for similarities between two or more. I think OSE is what I've been looking for to do so. Since the age of 12, I have been providing technical support to friends and family. Since the age of 18 (I'm 22 now) I have been professorially employed providing such support. I currently work for a computer company, but miss building things as I did during college. I was super excited to graduate and stay in the area with full access to a metal and wood-shop. However, my program was cut two years in (out of 4 years). So, I got to finish by contract, but it was on dwindling resources. I really enjoyed building things, and rose to the challenge of dwindling resources, grabbing whatever scraps we could find in the shop. I helped change an electric powered compressor into a pedal powered compressor, with a flywheel made from an old van disk break. 

    I have experience most in windows OS (win98-7) and continually gaining proficiency in Server 2003SBS-2008 R2STD. I've dabbled a tiny bit in linux, but mostly for diagnostics and malware removal. I set the company I work for up as an Authorized Reseller for Google Apps, as well as HIPAA compliant Online Backup. 

    My chosen 'specialty' in computers is malware removal. I am in a program which will eventually get me to a state where I can do remote malware removal, without ever meeting the person, or touching their computer. I use many of the tools I am being taught about on a weekly basis. I enjoy learning immediately applicable skills, and finding new ways to apply said skills. 

    I've volunteered for community farms, and helped train search and rescue dogs. 

    I hope to be able to contribute to OSE, but don't know where to start, and don't have much int he way of finances. Though time is always my preferred contribution, I feel like it can be worth more than the money I make. 
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  • Humboldt SK??
  • No, Humboldt, CA, US.
  • hi Kyle,
    I just moved to Arcata about a month ago.  I'm very interested in OSE also and would like to meet up with you to talk about what we can do here locally to move towards the abundance economy. tkn317071 at yahoo dot com
  • hey, check out CCAT at the HSU campus in arcata, there is sustainability going on there.


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