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OSE Geothermal energy
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    February 2013
    I was wondering how to create energy from drilling holes into the earth.
    Geothermal energy is already used, but there should be a way to make every building make use of it independently.
    The deeper you drill, the heater the earth is. Conventional heat pumps are using holes of about 6 meters (20 feet) deep (I think).
    But what if you drill 30 meters or 300 meters or more?
    If you pour water in a deep enough hole, it will evaporate and return as vapors, capable to pump an electric generator.
    I know it's a bit of work in order to do it, but in the end, it's free energy for every house.
    The investment in Geothermal heat pumps might be expensive mostly because the machines and parts are proprietary. Having Open Source machines will reduce the costs dramatically - at least the costs of repair and maintenance.

    Probably it would be a priority to include a geothermal heat pump in the GVCS since it can supply the much needed energy for the village where the OSE community lives. It can also supply the heating needed for growing plants all the year in greenhouses.
    Also, electric energy can also be sold for cash.

    Energy independence is very important for a community like OSE.

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  • Where do you see this to be incorporated, in lifetrac?

    What i can see here is the use of drilling to make waterpumps deepwells in africa.
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    February 2013
    Huh? Energy is extremely important in any community and house.
    You know, all those machine producing processes use energy, in one form or other: to power the tools, to power the computers, to keep the temperature warm enough for workers, etc.

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