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Freicoin Foundation and its grants
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    February 2013
    Hi, I'm not sure this is the right sub-forum, but here we go...

    Freicoin is a p2p currency (forked from bitcoin) that features the demurrage first proposed by Silvio Gesell. Another important difference is that unlike bitcoin, no all the initial monetary base is issued by miners: 80% of the initial monetary base will be given out to charity and global commons projects as grants managed by the freicoin foundation (almost ready to be established).

    That's where this open source ecology community comes in. We would like the give grants to open source ecology projects as we consider that part of the global commons and therefore a legitimate way to issue the currency.

    We're just starting and we would prefer "small projects" or sub-projects at first, until we define the grant selection process and rules more clearly.
    I encourage you to explain your proposal on our forum (we plan to develop a specialized web for that, but the forum is what we will use for now):

    Don't be afraid of submitting an incomplete proposal. We're there to help and, well, we're new at giving money away, so we all need to learn.

    I hope we receive interesting proposals from this community. Don't hesitate to ask any doubts you have.
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  • Thanks jtimon - I will personally follow up!

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    October 2013
    Hello again.

    We realized that deciding who gets the funds was too controversial and too much work for us so we found another solution.
    We built a web where any non-profit (and also other projects or organizations if they comply with the Freicoin Foundation's objectives statement) can join and start receiving freicoin donations.
    The donations they receive will be increased proportionally by the Freicoin Foundation. Now the web says an extra 10%, but we're still discussing that, it may be a higher percentage.
    We haven't officially launched it yet, but that will happen very soon.
    Open Source Ecology could be listed there to receive donations.
    The page will be moved to but you can already register here:

    You have to register and then register the organization:

    You need a Freicoin address to receive the funds, so you need to install freicoin first:

    It would be great to have you listed from launch.

    Don't hesitate to ask any questions you have.

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