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Interviews with community members
  • Hello! I'm a graduate CS student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Currently I'm taking the Design of Online Communities course. For our class project we have to conduct interviews with community members at a online community of our choice. At this time me and my team mates are in the process of selecting which site to study. I'm a big Free Culture and Free and Open Source software fan and a believer in the cause of the Open Source Ecology project. Before choosing OSE as our research subject, or another website, for our project I wanted to see if there was interest in this community in participating in our interviews. The interviews will be formal and will use proper consent forms. Also we will get permission from our local Institutional Research Board. Are there any community members interested in participating in the future in one our interviews? We intend to eventually publish our study, this could help a little bit to give OSE more promotion.

    Thank you for your time!
    Hack on :)

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